Content Creation

We use a proven process:

  • Project Management – We use senior project managers with a proven track record, who have run dozends of projects in various areas.
  • Init – We work with you, your creative department or your external service provider to setup a project plan, a budget and scripts, storyboards and moodboards.
  • Prep – We define timetables and organize all necessary resources (actors, equipment, locations)
  • Shoot – We shoot what you want, where you want on budget and on time
  • Finish – We offer basic post production capabilities inhouse. Everything from editing to basic color correction to mastering can be done by us or outsourced to specialized companies for bigger projects or more complex requirements
  • Distribute – We can work with you, your IT department or your external service provider to integrate videos directly into webpages, organize Online distribution and prepare your media for TV and/or cinema exhibition
  • Social Media Management – We can either integrate our production in your social media campaigns, providing regular content for your social media activities throughout the whole project or provide full Social Media services for you

Image Movies

We offer complete corporate video solutions from start to finish.
Our flexibility allows us to accommodate any budget range, shooting guerilla style with a DSLR to setting up a full blown production with a high end camera such as RED, Alexa or Phantom.


Based on our existing body of work, we can create narrative commercials with a twist, however realistic or stylized you want it to be.


We have trained educators in our network and are able to create highly pedagogical shorts and programs to demonstrate or teach about even the most complex systems and relationships

Event Videography

We record events for various non-profit and for-profit organizations, including post-production and media management on video portals.