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Videos and Trailers

Remo Pini - Director / Line Producer

Represented by the Bohemia Group, Remo is a multilingual Swiss director & producer based near Zurich, Switzerland. He directed over a dozen short films, several of which were shown in international festivals, before his directorial feature debut in 2019, with the Hollywood thriller The Twisted Nanny, a globally distributed TV movie for The Asylum. Remo has also acted as a UPM for a number of international features and commercials, such as South of Hope Street, starring Judd Nelson, Michael Madsen and William Baldwin. He is currently developing several international feature and TV series projects.

Carolyn Pini - Production Designer

Carolyn is a Swiss art director and production designer who has a firm grasp of the needs of storytelling. Working closely with directors, she ensures that the viewer’s perception of a scene corresponds to the vision of the director, be it through the choice of mood, colours, objects or symbolism. Carolyn was production designer and costume designer for over a dozen short films, several of which were shown in international festivals and won awards, one of which was for production design. She was the production designer of the Hollywood thriller The Twisted Nanny and the drama South of Hope Street starring Judd Nelson, Michael Madsen and William Baldwin.

Geoff Dupuy-Holder - Writer

Geoff Dupuy-Holder ran away from the world of corporate video production to seek the hair-raising razor-edge excitement of life as a writer. He wrote 36 non-fiction books on subjects such as witchcraft, ghosts, bodysnatching and folklore, then moved on to genre screenplays. 2019 saw the release of the paranormal thriller feature DARK SENSE (UK) and the action/sci-fi VR series IMMERSIVE COMBAT (U.S.). Geoff has a Master Screenwriter Certificate from ScreenwritingU. Currently he has eight sci-fi, horror and thriller projects either optioned or in development with companies in the USA, UK, France, Germany and Australia.

Christos Dervenis - Producer

After having worked for many high profile movie producers in Switzerland during the 90s, Christos moved to LA to study producing at the renowned American Film Institute (AFI). Since his return, he has acted as producer, line producer, UPM and executive producer on several local and global features, TV shows and commercials. He speaks German, English, French, Italian, Greek and Spanish and can probably curse in several more.